You will be exporting your Avid sequence to an OMFI (Open Media Framework Interchange) file which then can be converted to a ProTools session. This will allow me to import all of your audio files in sync, the way they were edited in your Avid sequence, thus saving you time and money by not having to re-conform your audio from the source tapes. When digitizing your audio, be aware that it will be used for your final mix.

1) Preparing your sequence for export:

  • a) Select the sequence you would like to transfer. This should be your final locked picture.
  • b) Duplicate the sequence and place it in its own bin. Make sure you name the file clearly, indicating that the sequence is for export-to-audio post.
  • c) Delete the video tracks, leaving just audio.
  • d) Remove all fades, dissolves and audio suite plug-ins from your video-less sequence

(unless there are specific fx that you want me to have, in which case you must render them)

2) Consolidating your audio media to an external drive:

  • a) Copy this data (and the OMF/AAF Document created below) to an external firewire drive or USB flash drive. 
  • b) Choose large handles (I recommend from 90 to 150 frames) to facilitate long fades in audio post. If the resulting OMF/AAF is too large you may reduce handle size.

3) Creating the OMF File:

  • a) With the duplicated sequence still selected, go to the file menu and select Export "OMFI Composition Only"
  • b) Place a check mark in the "WAV Format" box if available.
  • c) If you are exporting from a Media Composer system with software revision 7.x or 8.x you must also checkmark "Use OMF 2.0".
  • d) Save the OMF/AAF export document to the same drive as your consolidated media.

4) Quicktime Video File:

Provide a Quicktime movie output with the file extension .mov and include the reference audio mix with a timecode window burn that matches the exported sequence.

For Media Composer Version 10:

Because Version 10 software allows multiple file digitization formats within a single sequence, and does not default to Sound Designer II in its General Settings, the standard OMF export process usually fails. For this reason, Version 10 offers an “AVID Links” option directly beneath the “export” option on the File menu.


Simply select the sequence to be exported (making certain it contains NO video layers), and choose “AVID Links” under the File menu. Select Digidesign Pro Tools and EmbedMedia in OMF file. This is basically an AIFC export, so handle length is not an option. You will not need to consolidate any media, because it will be embedded in the OMF sequence. Again, make sure the target drive can accommodate a rather large export. 


Please use the online form or call. 


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What's New?

New Gear!


Izotope RX7 Advanced

The works! Just in time to make use of Ambience Match & Match EQ on some new shows. This is the defacto standard for audio restoration and it just got a whole lot better!

Audio Ease Altiverb 7

The premiere convolution reverb now in up to 7.1 channels. This thing is sick! Just amazing on dialogue localization anywhere from a closet to a concert hall. Indespensable!

ProTools 12.6

Loving the new features in this latest version! Clip effects especially is a welcomed addition and enhances workflow no end when working on clip based audio post projects.

SSD All The Way!

Updated all drives to super fast SSD. These new Oyen Digital drives are blazingly fast and quite sexy (for a drive) I might add!!

Little Alter Boy

New pitch change plug-in from SoundToys. Sounds amazing and I've put it to good use on 8 Minutes, a new A&E series I'm mixing. I tried out everything available and this one sounded the best by far.

Unveil from Zynaptiq allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal. An almost magical plug-in that helps clean up dialog recorded in reverberant rooms such as hallways and bathrooms. Now thanks to Zynaptic you really can un-bake the cake!

Izotope RX5 is finaly here and it's an amazingly powerfull tool for all your noise reduction needs. I've been using it a lot in my work lately and loving the new GUI, it's faster and easier to use than ever! As they say; "The repair tool of choice for industry professionals, who save time every day transforming flawed audio into mesmerizing media".

Check out my Post Sound Mixers group on Linked In and FaceBook. With 20,000+ members worldwide it's a great resource for anyone interested in post sound and there are many interesting & informative discussions being held by it's members.

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