As a re-recording mixer and sound supervisor I’ve enjoyed working on a diverse variety of productions. The selection below represents a few of them. If you would like more information regarding my work or client recommendations please call or contact me by using the online form. You can also find some additional information and credits listed on my IMDb page.

"Critics Choice Documentary Awards" (2021)

"Mountain Masters" (2021) INSP

“LA Area Emmy's” (2021) CBS

“Critics Choice Awards” (2021) The CW

“Critics Choice Super Awards” (2021) The CW

“Celebration of Black Cinema” (2021) KCRW

“Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” (2020/2021) INSP
“Critics Choice Super Awards” (2020) The CW

"Local LA Emmy's" (2020) FOX

”Cow Boss” (2020) INSP

"Critics Choice Documentary Awards" (2019)

"The Streamy's Awards" (2019) Dick Clark Productions

"The Rivera's" (2019) NBC Universal

"Path of the Daf" (2019) Documentary

"Critics Choice Reality TV Awards" (2019) VH1

"Local LA Emmy's" (2019) FOX

"Billion Dollar Bully" (2019) Documentary

"Emmy's 2019 Red Carpet Packages" (2019) ABC

"Turquoise Fever" (2019) INSP

"The Cowboy Way" (2018/2019/2020/2021) INSP

"Oscar Sci-Tech Awards" (2018)

"LA Area Emmy's" (2018/2019) CBS

"Critics Choice Documentary Awards" (2018)

"The Rivera's" (2018) NBC Universal

"Critics Choice Movie & TV Awards" (2018) A&E

"Battle of the Network Stars" (2017) ABC

"The Wall" (2017/2018/2019) NBC

"Hero Dog Awards" 2017 Hallmark

"LA Area Emmy's" (2017) CBS

"The Cowboy Way" (2017) INSP

"Hacking The Wild" (2017) Discovery Science

"Cold Case Files" (2017) A&E

"Movies For Grownups Awards" (2017)

"Critics Choice Awards 2016" (2016) A&E

"Critics Choice Documentary Awards" (2016)

"Going Under - White Supremecy" (2016) A&E

"Walking Dead; The Journey So Far" (2016) AMC

"The Rivera's" (2016) NBC Universal

"Teen Choice Awards" (2016) FOX

"Hero Dog Awards" (2016) Hallmark

"Match Made in Heaven" Season 2 (2016) WE

"The Wall" (2016) NBC

"Bowie" DG/PS Playboy Special (2016) Playboy

"Movies For Grownups Awards" (2016)

"Critics Choice Movie & TV Awards" (2016) A&E

"Girlfriends Guide To Divorce" S2 Promo Packs (2015) Bravo

"The Streamys Awards" (2015) Dick Clark Ent.

"Hero Dog Awards" (2015) Hallmark

"You Oughta Know" (2015) VH1

"Summer of Who" (2015) BBC America

"Teen Choice Awards" (2015) FOX

"Frankie and Neffie" (2015) BET

"Burgers, Brews & Que" (2015) Food Network

"Top Five" (2015) Food Network

"Critics Choice TV Awards (2015)" A&E

"8 Minutes" (2015) A&E

"Triple Play" (2015) Playboy

"Victorias Secret Swim Special" (2015) CBS

"R&B Divas LA" (2015) TV One

"Critics Choice Movie Awards" (2015) The CW

"Duff Till Dawn" (2015) Food Network

"Traficant" Documentary (2015) Steel Valley Films

"Thicker Than Water" (2015) Bravo

"Baggage On The Road" (2014-2015) GSN
"White Collar Brawlers" (2014) Esquire

"You Oughta Know" (2014) VH1
"You Can't Lick Your Elbow" (2014) Nat Geo

"Trish's Southern Kitchen" (2014) Food Network
"Unlivable" (2014) HGN
"Knife Fight" (2014) Food Network

"House Vs House" (2014) HGN
"It Takes A Church" (2014) Esquire

"The Golden Gods Awards" (2014) VH1 Classic

"American Cinematheque Awards" (2014)

"Hero Dog Awards" (2014) Hallmark

"Young Hollywood Awards" (2014) The CW

"Critics Choice TV Awards" (2014) The CW 

"Critics Choice Movie Awards" (2014) The CW

"Teen Choice Awards" (2013) (FOX)

"Harlan County Justice" (2013) Discovery

"Minute To Win It" (2013) GSN

"Blood Relations" (2013) Investigation Discovery

"Family Addition" (2013) UPTV

"Beyond Spelling Manor" (2013) HGTV

"Kids Choice Awards" (2013) Nick
"The Streamy's Awards" (2013) (music editing) DCP

"Critics Choice Movie Awards (2013) The CW

“I Love Jenni” (2012-2013) mun2

"Chiques In Control" (2012) mun2
“Hollywood’s Hot List” (2012) Rive Gauch Television

"Selling Spelling Manor" (2012) HGTV
“No Kitchen Required” (2012) BBC America
“Not Another Not Another Movie” (2011) Warner Bros

“Bubba’s World” (2010/2011) Fuel
“Mis Videos Locos” (2010) MTV Tres
“Busted & Disgusted” (2009) Fox Reality
“Country Fried Home Videos” (2007-2009) CMT

“Whitest Kids You Know” (2008) IFC
“Bloodline” (2008) (documentary) Cinema Libre Studio
“Country Fried Planet” (2008) CMT
“Lisa Williams Life Among The Dead” (2007-2008) Lifetime
“Rad Girls” (2007) Fuel
“The Big Gay Sketch Show” (2006-2007) Logo
"My Own" (2006) MTV
"Daisy Does America" (2005) Comedy Central
"Score" (2005) MTV
“The Proud Family Movie” (2005) (animated movie) Disney
"Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" (2005) MTV
"BSTV" (2005) Comedy Central
"E! Hollywood Hold'em" (2005) E!
"Wanna Come In?" (2004-2005) MTV

"Wanda Does It" (2004) Comedy Central
“Rocket Challenge” (2003) (documentary series) Discovery
"I'm with Busey" (2003) Comedy Central
"Duets" (2003) MTV
"Trigger Happy TV" (2003) Comedy Central
"Unexplained Mysteries" (2003) (documentary series) UPN

"Lyricists Lounge" (2001) VH1
"The Andy Dick Show" (2001-2002) MTV

"BattleBots" (2000-2003) Comedy Central 


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What's New?

New Gear!


Izotope RX7 Advanced

The works! Just in time to make use of Ambience Match & Match EQ on some new shows. This is the defacto standard for audio restoration and it just got a whole lot better!

Audio Ease Altiverb 7

The premiere convolution reverb now in up to 7.1 channels. This thing is sick! Just amazing on dialogue localization anywhere from a closet to a concert hall. Indespensable!

ProTools 12.6

Loving the new features in this latest version! Clip effects especially is a welcomed addition and enhances workflow no end when working on clip based audio post projects.

SSD All The Way!

Updated all drives to super fast SSD. These new Oyen Digital drives are blazingly fast and quite sexy (for a drive) I might add!!

Little Alter Boy

New pitch change plug-in from SoundToys. Sounds amazing and I've put it to good use on 8 Minutes, a new A&E series I'm mixing. I tried out everything available and this one sounded the best by far.

Unveil from Zynaptiq allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal. An almost magical plug-in that helps clean up dialog recorded in reverberant rooms such as hallways and bathrooms. Now thanks to Zynaptic you really can un-bake the cake!

Izotope RX5 is finaly here and it's an amazingly powerfull tool for all your noise reduction needs. I've been using it a lot in my work lately and loving the new GUI, it's faster and easier to use than ever! As they say; "The repair tool of choice for industry professionals, who save time every day transforming flawed audio into mesmerizing media".

Check out my Post Sound Mixers group on Linked In and FaceBook. With 20,000+ members worldwide it's a great resource for anyone interested in post sound and there are many interesting & informative discussions being held by it's members.

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