OMF/AAF Delivery Specs

The following is the preferred track lay for delivery to the mix session.



Production Dialogue

Theme & Bump Music

GFX (Graphics FX)
SFX (All other FX)

Backgrounds & Atmos


All the above should be separated out onto as many tracks as necessary in the order as above. Adhering to this layout will help me find everything.


Please delete all the duplicate clips. Sometimes this method of doubling or tripling clips is used to to increase volume. I don't need them and it really takes a long time for me to go through and clean these out.


If there is more than one VO talent, give them each their own track. 


Please checkerboard all the music and if possible put the theme and bumpers on a separate track from the rest of the music. Checkerboarding means the first music cue goes on one track pair (A), the next cue goes on another track pair (B), the next cue goes back on the first track pair (A) and the next cue on the second track pair (B) and so on... A, B, A, B, A, B this way I can overlap and crossfade the music where I need to.


If your show has specific graphics FX (GFX) that re-occur throughout the show (such as bumpers) please seperate them out onto their own FX tracks.


Try not to mix mono and stereo clips on the same tracks. Either duplicate the mono clip into faux stereo (L/R) or keep mono clips on dedicated mono tracks. Likewise ALWAYS keep stereo pairs together.


If you are editing on Final Cut you will be delivering an OMF, if on Avid it will be an AAF. The same specs apply to both. Try to keep the file size below 2GB, if it comes out to more than this try deleting any duplicated audio and/or reduce the clip handle length (usually around 90 to 150 frames is enough).


For the video I'll need a Quicktime movie, a low rez output is fine, the QT file will be around 300MB or less, I don't need anything bigger or HD. Make sure this output has a timecode window burn either at the bottom or top. I will need the editors rough mix as the audio track on the movie. It's handy to have a reference as to where the editor was at, as well as a quick way to check sync.


Please refer to the settings on the next page for preferred Quicktime Export Settings.


Please use the online form or call. 


Red Broad

BritMix Audio Post LA


BritMix Audio Post NL

06 4224 3889

What's New?

New Gear!


Izotope RX7 Advanced

The works! Just in time to make use of Ambience Match & Match EQ on some new shows. This is the defacto standard for audio restoration and it just got a whole lot better!

Audio Ease Altiverb 7

The premiere convolution reverb now in up to 7.1 channels. This thing is sick! Just amazing on dialogue localization anywhere from a closet to a concert hall. Indespensable!

ProTools 12.6

Loving the new features in this latest version! Clip effects especially is a welcomed addition and enhances workflow no end when working on clip based audio post projects.

SSD All The Way!

Updated all drives to super fast SSD. These new Oyen Digital drives are blazingly fast and quite sexy (for a drive) I might add!!

Little Alter Boy

New pitch change plug-in from SoundToys. Sounds amazing and I've put it to good use on 8 Minutes, a new A&E series I'm mixing. I tried out everything available and this one sounded the best by far.

Unveil from Zynaptiq allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal. An almost magical plug-in that helps clean up dialog recorded in reverberant rooms such as hallways and bathrooms. Now thanks to Zynaptic you really can un-bake the cake!

Izotope RX5 is finaly here and it's an amazingly powerfull tool for all your noise reduction needs. I've been using it a lot in my work lately and loving the new GUI, it's faster and easier to use than ever! As they say; "The repair tool of choice for industry professionals, who save time every day transforming flawed audio into mesmerizing media".

Check out my Post Sound Mixers group on Linked In and FaceBook. With 20,000+ members worldwide it's a great resource for anyone interested in post sound and there are many interesting & informative discussions being held by it's members.

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