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Located in Culver City, Post Haste Sound offers complete sound packages for all types of content and media including theatrical features, shorts, television, trailers, cable programming and commercials.

In partnership with Post Haste Sound I can now offer more expanded services including Dolby Certified 5.1 and 7.1 Mixing, ADR, Voice Over, Commentary, Foley, Blu-ray/DVD Mastering, Audio Restoration and Analog/Digital Migration of archival masters to newer digital formats.

Mix Stages:

Each mixing stage is Dolby Certified as well as maintained to Dolby Lab’s specifications on a regular basis to ensure the quality of each project that mixes on them. The facility features some of the most sought after mix stages on the Westside.


Editorial Suites:

Equipped with the latest Pro Tools HD systems and a large assortment of plugins and sound processors, the edit suites are well equipped to handle just about any editorial task requested. Each suite has networked access to a comprehensive sound effects library as well as having access to a secure centralized storage network.

ADR / Voiceover / Commentary:

Equipped with the latest Pro Tools HD systems and a large selection of microphones and mic preamps, the stage can accommodate traditional ADR, voiceover, loop group and simultaneous audio commentaries of up to twelve actors. The ADR stage includes ISDN (Dolby Fax and APT), SourceConnect, Phone Patch and DigiDelivery / Aspera file transferring capabilities, as well as a unique option to run remote sessions via FaceTime or Skype. The stage also features a large, comfortable control room and client lounge area.

Blu-ray / DVD Mastering:

Post Haste Sound specializes in re-mixing and re-mastering audio for Blu-ray and DVD. Services include digital restoration of original audio elements, encoding films in Dolby and DTS formats and sound design for menus and special feature content. Additional services such as "Standards Conversions" in converting NTSC to PAL with pitch correction for the European and Australian markets are also available. Both facilities are fully equipped for PAL audio and video formats.

Audio Restoration:

Armed with a vast array of processing tools (including Cedar Cambridge, Sonic NoNoise, Izotope RX and the Waves Restoration bundle), all unwanted hiss, buzz, thumps, crackles, distortion and pops that can wreak havoc on a project can be removed and the original sound elements cleaned and restored.


The facility has a large Foley stage equipped with multiple surfaces, pits, props and video / audio reference configurations making it a very “in-demand” environment for recording Foley. The Foley stage also provides services in M&E filling for foreign market deliverables. An experienced and talented group of artists and mixers have the skills needed to “fully-fill” all coverage required by international markets. Post Haste Sound is extremely experienced in Foley and the stage can be configured and customized in multiple ways to capture that perfect sound.

Analog & Digital Migration / QC Services:

Post Haste Sound offers complete Transfer and Quality Control services and are able to transfer to and from most audio and video elements from either of two facilities. The company owns and operates custom dehydrating ovens and specialize in the “baking” of analog tape formats in order to transfer and migrate your archival masters to newer digital formats.

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What's New?

New Gear!


Izotope RX7 Advanced

The works! Just in time to make use of Ambience Match & Match EQ on some new shows. This is the defacto standard for audio restoration and it just got a whole lot better!

Audio Ease Altiverb 7

The premiere convolution reverb now in up to 7.1 channels. This thing is sick! Just amazing on dialogue localization anywhere from a closet to a concert hall. Indespensable!

ProTools 12.6

Loving the new features in this latest version! Clip effects especially is a welcomed addition and enhances workflow no end when working on clip based audio post projects.

SSD All The Way!

Updated all drives to super fast SSD. These new Oyen Digital drives are blazingly fast and quite sexy (for a drive) I might add!!

Little Alter Boy

New pitch change plug-in from SoundToys. Sounds amazing and I've put it to good use on 8 Minutes, a new A&E series I'm mixing. I tried out everything available and this one sounded the best by far.

Unveil from Zynaptiq allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal. An almost magical plug-in that helps clean up dialog recorded in reverberant rooms such as hallways and bathrooms. Now thanks to Zynaptic you really can un-bake the cake!

Izotope RX5 is finaly here and it's an amazingly powerfull tool for all your noise reduction needs. I've been using it a lot in my work lately and loving the new GUI, it's faster and easier to use than ever! As they say; "The repair tool of choice for industry professionals, who save time every day transforming flawed audio into mesmerizing media".

Check out my Post Sound Mixers group on Linked In and FaceBook. With 20,000+ members worldwide it's a great resource for anyone interested in post sound and there are many interesting & informative discussions being held by it's members.

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